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Invest in iconic pop culture collectibles, with as little as $25.
Buy and sell fractional shares in vintage trading cards, comics, and more.
Mythic Markets offers real securities in accordance with Regulation A.

Why invest in collectibles?

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Alternative assets like collectibles and art have been increasing in popularity for decades. Pop culture collectibles in particular have surged in demand ever since geekdom went mainstream.

It’s true—you can be a “good” adult while investing in fun stuff you actually care about.

But up until now, these opportunities have been prohibitively expensive for most people. That’s why we’re here.

We give fans the chance to own a piece of the things they love, no matter how deep their pockets are. And we aim to make it as easy as investing in the stock market.

"We are proud geeks."

How does it work?


Mythic Markets hand-picks and buys rare, iconic pop culture collectibles, which we store and maintain.


We turn each asset into a mini-company, split it into shares and make them available for investment in our marketplace, just like stocks.


Buy and sell shares with other Mythic Markets members one day a month. You can also get a portion of the profits if we sell an asset you own shares in.

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Diversify your portfolio

Step up your investment game in an easy, liquid, affordable, and fun way.

Access once-unattainable opportunities

We do all the work of vetting, sourcing, securitizing, maintaining and storing the assets, so all you have to do is visit Mythic Markets.

Enjoy your hobbies in a whole new way

We introduced the world's first initial offering of a collectible trading card. And that's just the beginning.

Own a piece of pop culture

Brag about it to your friends. Be a part of an awesome fan community. Enjoy exclusive perks and giveaways.
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"Not only am I a Magic geek, I have an MBA in finance and a love of the collectibles finance space. I LOVE this space and really like what Mythic Markets is doing with the concept."

Alasdair Y.

Senior Engineer, Pokemon GO

"We are thrilled to be backing Mythic Markets. We think they can play a big role in leveling the playing field for people interested in owning physical assets. By increasing liquidity and distributing ownership, more people can invest in a wider range of things they enjoy."

Sam L.

Partner, Slow Ventures

"This is great for people like me who don't collect comic memorabilia, but would still like to be a part of it! Looking forward to investing."

Dewan F.

Physician and entrepreneur

"I'm super excited about Mythic Markets because it's a chance for fans to own a piece of something they're passionate about. It's also about time we have an easy way to invest in things without having to hold inventory or tie up huge amounts of capital."

Jon Saso

Owner of Channel Fireball and Advisor to Mythic Markets

These testimonials as herein above, are unpaid, may not be representative of experience of other customers, and are not guarantees of future performance or success.

Frequently asked questions

So Mythic Markets bought this collectible and is selling pieces of it?
Yep, you got it. Mythic Markets also stores and maintains it in an effort to protect it from damage.
Who can invest?
Adults with a U.S. Social Security number can invest on Mythic Markets. You do not have to be an accredited investor. We intend to expand internationally, so let us know where you're located!
How do I make money?
You can buy and sell your shares in our secondary market during monthly trading days. You may also get a portion of the profits if we sell an asset you invested in.
Is there a trading fee?
No, there is currently no trading fee paid by investors. The share price you see on the website is exactly the price an investor will pay.