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1994 Booster Boxes (5)

Factory sealed, Near Mint • MTG-94BOX

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A vault of Magic's earliest treasures

Including Antiquities expansion set, Revised core set, Legends expansion set, The Dark expansion set, and Fallen Empires expansion set

Age28 years, 1994
ConditionFactory sealed, Near Mint
SourcePrivate collector, USA
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A Vault of Magic’s Earliest Treasures

Today, Magic: The Gathering is the biggest collectible game on earth; tens of millions of players duel with each other across every continent, and there are many billions of Magic cards in circulation. But of course, things didn’t get that way overnight!

Every fantastic journey has humble beginnings

In 1993/94 one of the world’s greatest fantasy card game was just taking its first wobbly steps. Designed and playtested by grad students, the first Alpha printing of Magic was a very limited run. But it sold out fast. As did the next printing, and the next after that.

By December ‘93, the game’s publishers felt confident enough to release the first expansion set of new cards, inspired by the Arabian Nights. You’ll be shocked to hear that it sold out too!

The first year of Magic was awkward and experimental - there were printing errors, poor distribution, conflict over what the game needed to be. Some early cards proved to be so powerful that they had to be banned, becoming sought after relics in their own right.

Archival image of Magic’s first “Pro Tour” event, 1996’s Showdown In New York
An actual deck played by Steven Menendian in a tournament designed to follow the rules - or lack thereof - in original 1993 Alpha Magic. 90% of the cards are copies of the Power 9.
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Asset details

We purchased the boxes from a collector/investor who acquired them over the past five years in private transactions. Although it’s impossible to pin down exactly how many unopened boxes remain from 1994, it’s exceedingly rare to have the entire collection of factory-sealed boxes.