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Amazing Fantasy #15

CGC 7.0, QES Certified • COM-AF157

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The first appearance of Spider-Man

Rarity1 of 50 unrestored 7.0 books
SourceMetropolis Collectibles
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“With great power there must also come – great responsibility!”

Every superhero has an origin story, and the one belonging to Peter Parker — Marvel’s famous Spider-Man — is one of the most well-known. The familiar tale has been told and retold through different presentations in Marvel comics. It has been acted out across our screens through several film and TV adaptations over multiple decades. And the emotional phrase which underpins it is so resonant and so recognizable that it is constantly parodied, reworked, referenced and paid homage by all kinds of media; a cross-cultural shorthand for any difficult coming-of-age.

But where did those famous words of Uncle Ben’s first see print? Where did the webslinger first begin to wallcrawl his way into the hearts of comic fans? The real-world cultural phenomenon that is Spider-Man has its own origin story, and it is nearly as fantastic. This is the story of Amazing Fantasy #15 - the comic book in which Stan Lee and Steve Ditko debuted their greatest creation.

Few quotes from any fictional character have gone on to have such universal impact as “the Peter Parker Principle”.

One amazing origin

We naturally look back on Amazing Fantasy #15 as the birth of this beloved hero, but at the time this issue was looked at as a last gasp of life for the book - and even for the idea of superheroes in general!

The series, which had already changed title and identity multiple times by issue #15, started out as Amazing Adventures in 1950. With superheroes having slipped out of vogue in the comics world during the post-war years, these comics featured short, dramatic stories of pulp adventure and science fiction.

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Asset details

We purchased the book from a collector/investor who consigned with Metropolis Collectibles.

The authenticity and quality of this asset were verified by Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), the comics industry standard for third-party grading. This asset is in the top 7.2% of all CGC-graded Amazing Fantasy #15 books.

It is also QES (Quality Evaluation Service) Certified, meaning it meets certain criteria: impressive prime focal area + sharp right edge with no chipping + deep color strike (red, black & blue).

7.0 (Universal)
Cream to off-white
Serial number
Date graded
August 1, 2013
Stan Lee
Steve Ditko
Jack Kirby