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WATA 9.4 A+ Sealed • GAM-METRD

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Nintendo’s revolutionary debut of gaming’s first heroine

Rarity1 of 2 highest-graded, round seal variant
SourceHeritage Auctions, K-Mart Collection
Historical sales of similar items
Sealed 1987 NES games graded 8.5 and above

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This graph was created using publicly available sales data from Heritage Auctions. Last updated February 2021. Past performance may not be indicative of future results.

Recent comparable sales for this WATA 9.4 A+ Sealed NES Metroid (Mid-production) include later production sealed copies graded between 8.5 and 9.6, with above average (A) to exceptional (A+) seal quality. Earlier production variants like this GAM-METRD command a price premium due to rarity, historical significance, and demand.

Variants legend

SOQ - Nintendo Seal of Quality, may be round (early-mid production) or oval (later production) TM / R - The trademark symbol used on the box. Metroid’s trademark was filed in 1987 and officially registered in 1988.


For decades, Nintendo has been a name synonymous with video games, ever since Shigeru Miyamoto came out with a little number called Super Mario Bros. on the NES. And apart from Mario himself, there are few characters more synonymous with Nintendo than Metroid’s Samus Aran.

The first female character to star in her own game, Samus has been a role model, style icon and action hero across 35 years and 10 main-franchise Metroid games, plus remakes, cameos and every entry of the Super Smash Bros. series. The beautiful bounty hunter has become a bonafide household name, one whose presence all but guarantees game chart-topping sales.

But this game, the original Metroid, couldn’t benefit from that famous name to make its mark on history. It was released to western audiences in the second wave of “black box” NES games, Nintendo’s first big move to capture the home console market following the collapse of Atari and other US-based competition. Those manufacturers had cratered consumer trust with shoddy movie tie-ins and knock-off games, so Nintendo took the opposite approach.

Coming in as a fresh outsider, they tripled-down on transparency and let the products sell themselves. America’s first Nintendo games came in unpretentious black boxes showing real in-game graphics and functional titles that left no doubt about the experience you were about to buy. Ice Climbers. Excitebike. Kung Fu. Golf.

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Asset details

This copy of Metroid bears the famous “Nintendo Seal of Quality” in its original circular form. This version of the seal was only used until March 1989, while the “REV-A” marking - added after Nintendo changed their cartridge design to use fewer screws - began to appear on boxes from January 1988.

In fact, this box tells collectors a lot about the history of our Metroid: it was manufactured in one of the first runs to use the new three-screw NES cartridge, then sent to America in one of the first shipments Nintendo could afford to shrink-wrap. It arrived Stateside in summer 1988 - and then sat, unsold and sealed in plastic, in the back of a K-Mart stockroom somewhere. It wasn’t until years later that this copy, along with 34 other sealed NES games, was rediscovered and returned to the public eye.

The games grading authority WATA now refers to these specimens as “the K-Mart Collection”, and thanks to the modern-day significance of Samus Aran’s first adventure, this 9.4-NM Metroid is considered its crown jewel. No higher-graded copy of its kind - bearing the original, round “Seal of Quality” - has ever been found.

WATA 9.4 A+ Sealed
Serial number
Date graded
June 25, 2020