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All-Star Comics #8


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The first appearance of Wonder Woman

GradeCGC 4.0
Rarity1 of 63 books graded 4.0+
SourceHeritage Auctions
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Few characters are as aptly named as Wonder Woman.

The Amazon princess of DC Comics has been a symbol of feminine excellence for generations, combining strength and compassion as the ideal superhero. Her comic book exploits have remained popular with fans even when the medium was at its lowest, and through TV and film Wonder Woman has been able to reach an even wider audience.

She has been the face of women in comics since her earliest days, and yet throughout 80 years of feminist progress Diana of Themyscira has remained a genuine inspiration and role model whose contributions to that cause cannot be overlooked. The longevity and appeal of Wonder Woman are a testament to the philosophy of her creators: a research psychologist who believed women should rule the earth, and the many remarkable ladies who worked with him.

The man behind Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a creation from the earliest cultural wave of superheroes, now known as the “Golden Age of Comics”. After the success of Superman kicked off a fad for the genre in 1938, publishers flooded the market with new super-powered characters. In spirit with the sci-fi and pulp adventure stories of the time, no idea was too wild for publication - there were magic lanterns, flame-spouting androids, mer-men, mole-men, genetic super-spies, ancient wizards and mad scientists aplenty. But what there were not, for the most part, were women!

This was not unusual for media at the time, but it did attract the attention of popular psychologist and sometimes-screenwriter William Moulton Marston. Marston lived an interesting life as a Harvard academic who lectured on psychological assessment, but also put his research findings into real practice as part of a radical and progressive lifestyle.

The most pivotal moment of his life was meeting fellow psychology student Elizabeth Holloway during their undergrad years. She soon became his wife, as well as his connection to early feminist theory.

The Marstons, Elizabeth and William, on vacation in 1918.
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4.0 (Universal)
Cream to off-white
Serial number
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April 14, 2020
Gardner Fox & William Marston
Cover & art
Everett E. Hibbard