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About Mythic Markets

What we're building

Mythic Markets is an investing platform and community for pop culture fans. We’re democratizing access to rare collectibles and investment opportunities.

But why?


We believe that it should be easier to invest in the things you actually care about.

You may not know it, but you’ve been investing since you were a kid. Remember those toys, comics, and trading cards that Mom donated when you moved out? Well, they could’ve been worth thousands today. Thanks a lot, Mom!

In all seriousness though, alternative assets like high-grade collectibles can potentially be rewarding investments. But it’s really hard for most people to get into unless they happen to have pristine goods from childhood still sitting in their attic, or they’re baller enough to stomach the high costs and low liquidity of this asset class.

Which got us thinking… Why can’t investing in our favorite things be as easy as investing in stocks? Why should only the wealthiest people be able to enjoy ownership and returns on cultural staples that are loved by millions around the world?

Investing comes with risks. But it also has the potential to bring you fun, joy, and financial reward. And anyone should be able to experience that, not just the very rich.

Won’t you join us?

Who we are

We’re a venture-backed startup based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our team first met in San Diego, California — the home of Comic Con and California’s best burritos (sorry, SF). Since then we’ve worked at places like Apple, Fandom, Google and Uber.

We're also fans


May you live long and prosper — and have some fun along the way! 🖖